"I found Bruce a very entertaining trainer. He made first aid fun! I really enjoyed his teaching style and enthusiasm. I feel like I have learnt a lot from one day course and feel fully satisfied that I know what to do if I come into a situation. Bruce has made our day very active and inclusive into a group. Thanks Bruce". 
"Bruce is a highly competent and professional instructor. He was charming, paced the course at an appropriate speed, reflected and fed back to us as required and was cheery and courteous throughout". 
"Really good course. Different and refreshing approach. Appreciated being out in the woods, which made it all the more appropriate and memorable. Bruce was a very good instructor and put us at ease. He had a wealth of practical, front-line and varied knowledge". 
"Course delivered in a very user friendly way. Interactive, open to questions and happy to answer all questions, even off topic. Good coverage of various scenarios". 
"Bruce Petty made it easy to understand and take on board everything he was teaching. He's funny which made it a joy to experience such training. Thanks Bruce you're a star :D". 
"I've attended two or three of Bruce's training courses and can say confidently that he consistently delivers a fun and informative session everytime. I'm not sure if there is anything Bruce doesn't know about first aid and practising it daily with the ambulance service means he always has new examples of how and when techniques are useful. Bruce is a friendly and approachable teacher and injects a lot of fun and humour into his training. I would highly recommend Invenio Training to anyone". 
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